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What’s the best gift idea for my colleague?

Little Gift Guide In the workplace, we often feel like we know our colleagues quite well. You spend hours together most days of the week, and for that reason it’s obvious that a relationship forms. However, how well do you know your colleagues in reality? Often, it’s not as well as you think. This becomes […]

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AdCase Launch

AdCase Launch The New Way of Smartphone Protection As anyone that has ever dropped a phone can tell you, even the shortest falls can result in cracked screens and phones permanently stuck on the home screen. Cell phones, even the supposedly “indestructible” newer versions, all have weak points that are prone to damage when dropped […]

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TouchJet Wave Header

TouchJet WAVE Review

TouchJet WAVE Review Turn Your Flat Screen TV into a Touchscreen with TouchJet WAVE Imagine if you could give your older model flat screen TV new life as a smart device with a new interactive gadget that turns it into a touchscreen tablet. Now, imagine no more; the TouchJet WAVE is here, and it is […]

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Smart Home

The Best Smart Home Products of 2018

    Easy to use Smart Home Devices Wouldn’t it be nice if all your devices could communicate which each other via internet? Not just your smartphone, I am talking about all your devices, everything: camera systems, locks, air conditioner, windows and many more. It sounds like science fiction but it isn’t. Internet of Things […]

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Bose Wireless Headphones

Review of the Bose SoundSport Free Headphones

Bose SoundSport Free Headphones Review The Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones can safely be called the future of wireless earbuds. The concept adopted is the best so far and they stay firmly in the ear while creating an amazing sound experience for the user. Though pricey at $250, keeping the price aside and […]

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Best Gadgets of the Year 2017

Best Gadgets of 2017

Best Gadgets of 2017 Spectacles by Snap. Inc. Spectacles are the most exciting way to make memories and then revive them later! In short, Specs are sunglasses that Snap! They allow you to capture life’s moments from your perception. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, these make it easy for you to capture moments without […]

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

16 Best Gift Ideas for perfect Christmas

Best Gift Ideas for perfect Christmas Top 16 list – Gift Guide for Christmas 2017! It’s here again! Christmas is getting closer, but you have no idea what to buy! You’re not alone. To prevent you from being left empty-handed on Christmas Eve, we have put together beautiful, funny and unusual Christmas gifts for you. […]

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Eye-Vac EVPRO Vacuum Cleaner Review

    Review   If you browsed through the internet today, you will find dozens of reviews talking about the best vacuum cleaners available in the market. In fact, there are plenty of vacuum cleaners out there in the market that are very efficient in keeping your homes and offices clean. One such vacuum cleaner […]

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Dyson Dryer 3

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer       Hair dryers can help you quickly remove excess moisture from your hear in readiness for styling. These beauty tools are designed to pass heat over your hair and scalp thus removing freeing water molecules from your hair while straightening at the same time. There are several hair dryers […]

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Review Of Flyte Buckminister Original Lightbulb

      Review Of Flyte – Buckminister – Original Lightbulb      LED lights have done a great work with regard to energy efficiency, versatility and durability. In fact, they have solely replaced most traditional lights and are incorporated into virtually all modern lighting. They also add to your interior décor and appeal besides […]

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