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(As Of April 23, 2018, 6:17 am)

Switchmate Smart Lighting, Motion Activated, Works with Switch

$33.99 (as of April 23, 2018, 3:26 am)

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Switchmate Slim is the first smart light switch that can be installed in one-second: no configuration, tools, wiring, or wi-fi. Switchmate Slim instantly attaches magnetically to your existing toggle or rocker light switches. It’s installation free! Within seconds, you can control your lights with your voice via Switchmate Slim’s built-in voice control- no voice hub required. Set your lights to turn on as you walk into rooms. Set multiple timers to automatically turn lights on/off even when you’re not home. With the “Welcome Home” feature, lights turn on automatically as you arrive home. Just Snap, Tap, and Start enjoying smart lighting with Switchmate Slim.

Built-In Voice Commands: Ready out of box & no voice hub required
Keep Existing Light Switches & Light Bulbs
Motion Detection: Lights Turn On Automatically When You Enter Rooms
Works with the Google Assistant
Welcome Home : Lights Turn On Upon Arriving Home & Turn Off After A Preset Time
Multiple Timers: Schedule Lights Around Daily Routines & Make It Look Like Someone Is Always Home
Sunrise/Sunset: Lights Turn On At Sunset & Off At Sunrise
Slim Design For Placing Side By Side On Multi-throw Switches