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ODiN Aurora – The World’s First Projection Mouse / Trackpad (Silver)


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Introducing the Mouse of the Future

The name Odin is derived from an old Germanic word for “seer, prophet”, which is fitting for a futuristic, innovative product that challenges people’s perceptions of electro-optical applications and opens a whole new world of possibilities. The world’s first laser projection mouse, the ODiN Laser Holographic Mouse will redefine your daily user habits for controlling, designing, and gaming on your computer.

• With low CPU loading and responsive design, the ODiN enables smoother web-surfing and gaming experiences.

• Multipoint controls such as click, scroll, drag and zoom will all be supported in the 8 x 8cm projection area that turns any flat surface into a trackpad.

• Tiny and portable, the ODiN weighs only 40 grams and fits well in your pocket or backpack, and consumes very little power!

• The triangle runic symbol is now a “button” for you to define! Whether it is to open a particular software or to return to the desktop, the button is at your disposal. You can even code your own macro and share it on Serafim’s online forum!

• Unique design makes it cool to look at and to show off.

*Through popular Kickstarter and Indiegogo fundraising campaigns, the ODiN project raised more than $200K combined, which more than doubled their initial funding goal!

**Winner of the Comuptex d&i and Best Choice awards

***The ODiN Aurora has drawn attention and acclaim for its innovative design from major media outlets around the globe

USB Interface – USB 2.0
HID compliant Light Source-Red/Infrared Laser Diode
Projection Area Size – Approx. 80 x 80 mm
Power Supply – External USB 5V / 500mA
Compatible operating systems-MAC OS X 10.6 or later and Windows XP or later

Product Contents
ODiN Laser Holographic Mouse, USB cable, product manual

Award-winning motion-sensing projection mouse launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
Turn any flat surface into a trackpad with multipoint controls that support a range of gestures
Lightweight and compact – weight of less than 40g makes it easy to carry around
Compatible with PCs, laptops, and tablets with a USB port
Innovative design makes it a cool gadget to show off to give to friends or family