Leazy No Tie Shoelaces – Flat Elastic Shoe Laces with Self-Anchoring End Tip for Kids & Adults.

$9.95 (as of May 24, 2018, 2:42 pm)

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COMFORTABLE, QUICK AND EASY with LEAZY – practical no-tie flat shoe laces! No more knots, no more bows with LEAZY Laces!

Our LEAZY elastic shoe laces are designed to make it faster and easier to put on and take off shoes. They ensure your shoes stay snug. No more tripping over long laces. LEAZY laces are perfect for sports or strolling. LEAZY laces are a great alternative to traditional laces – they save athletes time and they save parents time because they make putting on shoes easy for kids. They’re also great for seniors and the physically challenged.

Easy-peasy with LEAZY!

Lace up these self-tying shoelaces like conventional shoelaces, and then simply anchor the end-tip into the top eyelet. LEAZY laces stay snug one they’re laced up. Their stretchiness ensures maximum comfort and stability and a perfect fit.

LEAZY laces are available in 4 different sizes (S/M/L and XL). Size depends on the number of eyelets (4 to 7 eyelets per side).

Recommendation: If you’re not sure what size to pick, choose laces one size larger. If the laces are too long, you can thread the tip back into the same eyelet, in the opposite direction. Since every shoe is a bit different, So we recommend the following sizes, depending on the shoe models:

Adidas Original Superstar: XL
Adidas Stan Smith: XL
Chucks Converse (low cut): XL
Nike Air Free: M
Vans Authentic: S

– Material: Polyester & Latex blend.
– Diameter: Laces – 6 mm, Lace Tip – 3 mm.
– Water-repellent
– Tear- proof.

PACKAGE: – One pair of LEAZY.

QUICK & EASY: leazy laces are stretchy and anchor into the last eyelet.
SIMPLE & COMFORTABLE: Never tie your shoes again with the stretchable leazy laces. They provide comfort and stability whether you’re into sports or strolling.
PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: leazy laces are made for toddler, runners and triathletes, walkers, hikers, golf players, athletic people doing crossfit, people with disabilities, seniors etc.
CLEAN STYLE: Let you turn every sneaker and running shoe into a slip-on. Wear your shoes bow-less.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: leazy shoelaces offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



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