Karaoke Microphone: Wireless Handheld Machine For Kids With Bluetooth Speaker Player System Best Portable Multipurpose Professional Vocal Mixer Mic Sing Songs And Play Music For Apple & Android

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✔ EASY TO USE ✔ ( Turn it on –▶ Pair it –▶ Start Singing –▶ That Simple ) Our Microphone is incredibly easy! Simply plug it in to the

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✔ EASY TO USE ✔ ( Turn it on –▶ Pair it –▶ Start Singing –▶ That Simple ) Our Microphone is incredibly easy! Simply plug it in to the charger and let it charge for 2 hours, then you can sing or just listen to music on it for 6 hours. You can change songs, Pause & Play Songs, Adjust Volume and Adjust the echo of the microphone all on the mic by using the controls. You can also record your singing or speeches and save them to your device paired to the Microphone.
✔ USE IT EVERYWHERE ✔ IT’S 2017! Which means it is time to get rid of the old bulky Karaoke machines that are not wireless and a pain to lug around. This newly designed Karaoke Machine has Wireless Bluetooth capabilities to work with any device that can pair via Bluetooth and play music. You can now sing your favorite songs with friends everywhere you go. With noise cancelling technology and a built-in speaker, you can record songs, podcasts, interviews and more. Best Birthday Gift for all ages!
✔ BRAND NEW REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN ✔ Our brand new design is engineered to look and feel more like a professional microphone by providing a sleek lightweight aluminum frame. Having a less bulky design does not mean we sacrificed sound quality, our speaker is more powerful than others by using our patented 360 degree sound to have the loudest and clearest sound. It has been the top rated speaker for presentations and speeches. People love the simplicity of our microphone and speaker built into one.
✔ PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE ✔ This Multipurpose Microphone has such a great Bluetooth Speaker that many people are using it as a speaker even when they are not using it to sing. The 360 degree sound is the new generation of speaker performance and you will agree if you have ever listened to a speaker with 360 degree sound. This speaker technology on a microphone is game changing and allows you to be heard from anywhere in the house or room. Great for parties with friends or presentations!
✔ E Tronic Edge Approved ✔ Everyone will enjoy this product. It is great for all ages of Boys, Girls, Adults, Kids, Seniors, Men, Women and Teens. Next time you are looking for Christmas Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers for her or him then this is a Christmas Present they will be happy with. Xmas is coming around the corner and Christmas Gifts for Mom and Dad are not always the easiest to get. You can even choose gift wrapping at checkout. Get them the Present they’ll love for years to come.


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