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Facial Mask Maker, PYRUS Fruit Facial Mask Maker Automatic DIY Mask Making Machine with Natural Fruit Vegetable Multi-function Personal Skin Care Beauty Tool

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PYRUS Facial Mask Maker
Worry about the quality of masks selling on store?
Confused on various effective mask and struggled with choosing the right one to solve facial problem?
Feel inconvenient to make personal mask at home?
PYRUS Facial Mask Maker may help solve those problem, using natural ingredients like fruit,vegetable juice, tea, milk,etc.to make facial mask,
one-pressing to operate after pouring ingredients,automatically making mask ans self-cleaning after work.
Choosing mask ingredients according to your skin condition,personalized your own mask at home, to be a natural beauty!

How to use
Step 1: Place Facial Mask Maker on a flat surface.
Step 2: Plug in power.
Step 3: Set mask making mode.
Step 4: Pour materials toward the tank.
Step 5: Close the lock cover.
Step 6: Wait about 5 minutes.
Step 7: Pour out mask liquid to the mold.
Step 8: Wait for 2 minutes to cool and condense.
Step 9: Use the scraper to get the mask.
Step10: Put the mask on your face.

Product Name: PYRUS Fruit Facial Mask Maker (No collagen included)
Material: ABS+ Stainless Steel Tank
Color: White
Size: 165mm*119mm/ 65inch*46.8inch
Model Number: PY-0425
Rated Voltage: 110-220V
Working Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 90W
Production Time:5min
Operating Temperature:80℃
Max Water Capacity:100ml

Package Includes:
1*PYRUS Fruit Facial Mask Maker
1* Paper Manual
1* Charge Cable

Safe Ingredients & Natural Healthy: PYRUS facial mask maker, using natural ingredients like fruit,vegetable juice, tea, milk,etc.to make facial mask with different beauty functions, super safe and healthy, no side-effect, great for all kinds of skin.
Intelligent Control & Automatic Clean: Microcomputer intelligence control to mask,ultraviolet light disinfecting and self-cleaning automaticly after-working, providing totaly green skin care.
Easy to use & convenient: One-pressing to make mix ingredients and make mask, five minutes to get mask, super effective.
ABS integrate mask plate without collapsing, making complete mask perfactly fit face, fast absorption and deep permeability, superior performance.
DIY your personal facial mask, choosing mask ingredients according to your skin condition, to do a safe facial beauty at home, achieve the best effect of skin care, tightening & whitening skin, restoring skin flexibility and vitality.