Review of the Tea Maker „Gourmia GTC8000“

Tea to please you

Now you have the option to enjoy a nice cup of tea without the hassle of monitoring the procedure of tea brewing. Just put loose leaves into this clever gadget called Gourmia GTC8000 Electric Square Tea Maker Loose Leaf Tea Infuser & Brewer and see what happens. You have a choice of three brew settings to create the perfect brew to please your palate and your guest‘s. Just make up your mind, is it light, medium or strong you want- you choose just as the day and your mood demand it. And what is even better, you may use any type of tea leaves, be it green, white or black. The perfect gift for the tea afficinado!

Beautiful to look at – even when not in use

The exclusive design upgrades every kitchen, even when the Gourmia is not in use. The chamber and carafe are made of glass and stainless steel which are robust and stylish all in one go. These parts ensure that the leaves do not take on a funny odour you may not want them to have. Tea as fresh as it comes from the mountains will be put into this attractive gadget – here we go, the brew is on!

Four cups of tea – at your will

Since drinking tea is not meant to be a solitary action you have the chance to brew a total of four cups to perfection. This system is very clever and what is even more the water is heated just as you want it to. You will never have to complain about the taste of old socks or worse any more. Just sit back and enjoy this drink that very wise people with a taste for the superb call divine.

Tea Maker GourmiaGourmia GTC8000 Tea MakerGourmia Tea Maker    

There’s just one thing to think about…

The capacity of the stylish GTC8000 is about 32 oz of water.
So you could get a little timing problem if you’re going to be hosting big parties. If you’re looking for some more capacity then take a look HERE


Gourmia GTC8000 Personal Tea & Coffee Maker
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Tea Maker Gourmia GTC8000











  • Nice Design
  • Great Taste
  • Perfect Timing


  • Just 4 Cups at once

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