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If you browsed through the internet today, you will find dozens of reviews talking about the best vacuum cleaners available in the market. In fact, there are plenty of vacuum cleaners out there in the market that are very efficient in keeping your homes and offices clean. One such vacuum cleaner is the Eye-Vac EVPRO Professional Touchless stationary vacuum. Most user reviews of the product have been highly positive. Many of them claiming that the product is a great unit to use for the effective vacuum cleaning of their homes.

Today, we are going to dig a little deeper. We take a close look at some of the exquisite features and benefits that of the Eye-Vac.


Cleaning dirt from hard floors has never been any easier

The Eye-Vac Professional vacuum cleaner works with automatic sensors that propels the Vacuum Dustpan to automatically sweep the dirt and debris on the floor once it is swept up to the sensors. You do not need to touch any portion of the equipment to make it suck the debris and dirt up. All you need to do is ensure that the entire dust particles and other dirt are swept under the infrared sensors.  The dump canister is easy to clean and empty once you are done with using the machine for the cleaning of your rooms.



Where to use it?

One of the best places where this piece of equipment can be of great use is a hair salon or a beauty parlor. In such places, cleaning the floors is a task that has to be done all day long. However, this vacuum cleaner can get the job done with very little effort and in no time at all. Moreover, people who own pets, especially dogs, will also find this piece of equipment extremely helpful. After all, nobody likes the sight of dog hair strewn all over the floor. Despite how much we love our beloved pets. With this cleaner, all you need to do is sweep the hair under the sensors, and the the dirt is gone.


The hard times are over!

A great feature of this vacuum cleaner is that you no longer need to swoop down to pick up the dirt or experience a hard time getting the dirt removed from your home. You can use a broom to sweep the dirt in one place and the machine will do the rest. The cleaner also gives you the choice to keep it “Always On”.  Or you can use the manual mode to make it work whenever you need it. Once the Vacuum Dustpan and the dirt canister are full, the “red” light on the Status Indicator in the cleaner will light up. You can easily detach the canister and clear the dirt.

Clearing the dirt canister is pretty easy and does not require much effort. Hence, this professional vacuum cleaner helps you to clean your home or office space without having to spend much time or effort.



Attractive features of the Eye-Vac EVPRO Professional

The Eye-Vac Professional vacuum cleaner is equipped with a horde of exquisite features. That features makes it one of the best such machines in the market today. Some of them include:


  • A powerful 1400 Watt motor that cleans dirt, debris and other such waste in no time at all. The incredible power of the machine ensures that it does not have to struggle throughout its functioning. Moreover, the cleaning process is immaculate, and offers complete cleaning within no time at all.


  • The cleaner works with a cyclonic vacuum action that cleans the floor as well as the air with great efficiency. The dual (HEPA) filtration also ensures that the air released from the machine is free from any dust particles or dirt. This ensures that the air inside your room is free from dirt or other such dust particles.


  • The infrared sensors present towards the bottom of the equipment. It automatically sucks the dirt up whenever it senses their presence. There is no need to activate the Vacuum Dustpan or the suction of the cleaner manually. All that is needed to be done is to have all the dirt swept under the infrared sensors. Now it can be detected.


  • The machine automatically powers down while all the dirt and debris have been sucked into the canister. This helps to save a great deal of power by ensuring that the unit does not function unnecessarily all day long. The canister does not contain any bag, and is easy to clean. It can be detached from the main unit for cleaning purposes without much effort.


  • The machine features a dual mode – Automatic and Manual. Users can use the “Always On” mode to enable the unit to function automatically whenever needed. On the other hand, the cleaner can also be operated on a manual mode. It can be powered on or off whenever the user needs to perform cleaning activities within their rooms.


  • The total volume of the canister is an impressive 6.2 liters. This ensures that you do not have to clean the canister on a daily basis. It can store large quantities of dirt without causing any obstruction to. The proper functioning of the motor or other parts of the cleaner.


  • The structure of the cleaner has been designed in such a manner that it does not require a great maintenance. Although it is important that the machine be used with sufficient care and the canister is cleaned on a regular basis, there is no need for any additional maintenance work to be done on the unit. The motor is very efficient and powerful, and with a little care, can function efficiently for years.



There are plenty of other such useful attributes of the Eye-Vac EVPRO professional cleaner that makes it one of the finest cleaners available in the market today. Cleaning houses or offices have never been easier than this!



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Eye-Vac Professional Vacuum Cleaner











  • Infrared Sensors
  • Always On mode
  • Energy Saving Technology
  • HEPA Filter
  • Big Canister


  • Power Cable is not so long

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