TouchJet WAVE Review

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TouchJet WAVE Review

Turn Your Flat Screen TV into a Touchscreen with TouchJet WAVE

Imagine if you could give your older model flat screen TV new life as a smart device with a new interactive gadget that turns it into a touchscreen tablet. Now, imagine no more; the TouchJet WAVE is here, and it is an interactive device which give you all the perks of a touchscreen, right on your existing TV or monitor. Whether you want to use it as home base for your smart home center, take it to a business meeting to upgrade your presentation from “blah” to “wow“, or let your kids play on it like a giant tablet, TouchJet WAVE delivers a wide variety of things you need, and things you never knew you needed.

TouchJet WAVE

What Exactly is the TouchJet WAVE?

Basically, the TouchJet WAVE is a small Android computer system with infrared lasers that is mounted to the top of your TV. It turns your TV screen or computer monitor into a large Android tablet. The display is very familiar to anyone who currently owns an Android device, with all the familiar icons. Using your existing Wi-Fi gives you access to the internet, all of your streaming sites such as Netflix or YouTube, and all of the games that you can play on your phone or tablet. It even boasts its own hotspot and camera. Anything you can do on your tablet can be done on the TV screen, only bigger. Much bigger. The WAVE is compatible with TV screens up to 65”. The only requirement is that the TV’s you are using must have an HDMI hook up. The TouchJet WAVE is compatible with any Android or Apple device, allowing you to control the display right from your handheld device. You can download the WAVE app to your handheld phone or tablet for a variety of uses, such as controlling the WAVE from anywhere in the house, sharing information from your device to the TouchJet, and changing the display in real time.

Setting up your TouchJet WAVE

TouchJet Wave Smart 1

The TouchJet WAVE has three working components: an infrared sensor that is placed at the bottom of the TV screen, an infrared transmitter that is placed at the top of the device, and the actual Android box itself. The Android box itself is simple to figure out and has only the AC adapter port and the HDMI output connector. The measurements of the box at the top of the screen are 12.5” x 3.2” x 6.4”. This makes the assembled device quite tall, but most users report that it has a sleek appearance and is not overly distracting for normal TV viewing. It has a total assembled weight of 1 ½ pounds. Assembling the device is as simple as attaching the box to the top of your TV, placing the sensor at the bottom and calibrating the device to your television. The Android box is held in place by a pressure mount, and further stabilized by a support arm on the back. The maximum recommended thickness of the TV should be two inches or less for the most secure fit. Getting the infrared sensor to correctly align with the transmitter is easy, in theory. There are three lights on the sensor that will light green if you are in correct alignment, or yellow and red if you need to adjust the angle of the emitter. This may be a very painstaking procedure though, as getting the exact angle is difficult. Getting the WAVE online is relatively simple and will initially use your smart device to synch up. The WAVE comes with many of the apps as well as the Google Chrome browser, so you can start enjoying the device immediately.

TouchJet WAVE

Using your TouchJet WAVE

After setup, you simply use your TV as a giant touchscreen. You can share photos from your smart device and allow your kids to draw on them, you can browse the internet, you can stream content and you can play your favorite games. Google Play and the App Store are preloaded, so you can download even more fun. The TouchJet WAVE really shines because of its flexibility. You can attach it to a screen or monitor for business presentations, but it doesn’t end there. With a simple touch, you can share your presentation to your audience’s smart devices in real time. Your smart phone can be synched to use as a pointer, allowing you to control the WAVE from anywhere in the room. The screen itself can be used as a touchscreen; think of your local weatherman interacting with his weather map to get an idea of how versatile this can be. Teachers can use the WAVE in classroom settings to display lesson plans, educational material, and more. Students can use their smartphones, tablets, or Chromebooks to connect with the WAVE, allowing them to interact with the lesson in real time by adding notes to the display and sharing their ideas with fellow students. The TouchJet WAVE can be used for video conferencing with its web camera and the use of apps such as Skype and Zoom. Of course, the TouchJet can also be used for fun and family entertainment. Playing games, sharing media content, and browsing the internet have has never been more fun than this.

TouchJet WAVE: The Good and the Bad

Sure, this is a great idea, but does the TouchJet WAVE live up to expectations?


  • Overall easy to install
  • Versatility and portability means you can take it from classroom to board meeting and home again.
  • Wide array of preloaded apps and many more available in the App Store and Google Play Ability to use the WAVE as your smart home center of operations
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Synchs to your smart handheld devices


  • $300 price tag
  • Fingerprints all over your TV screen
  • The WAVE’s adjustable support arm in the back means you can’t install your flat screen TV flush to the wall
  • Hard to align the infrared sensors and transmitter
  • The outer edges of the display aren’t as sensitive to touch
  • Your TV should be less than 65”, HDMI equipped, and less than two inches thick
TouchJet WAVE

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

This is truly the next wave of electronic wizardry, and also one that can be used in many settings from home entertainment to a big office presentation. Being so easy to set up, you can take it anywhere you have access to a TV flat screen or monitor, furthermore the TouchJet is a popular choice for teachers and businesses. Initially release date was in December of 2016. This device is just long enough on the market to have any bugs worked out, while still new enough to be considered edgy.

Short version:

TouchJet WAVE











  • Compatibility
  • Use with mobile devices
  • Small enough to take it with you
  • Fast reaction


  • Price
  • Fingerprints

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