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Wouldn’t it be nice if all your devices could communicate which each other via internet? Not just your smartphone, I am talking about all your devices, everything: camera systems, locks, air conditioner, windows and many more. It sounds like science fiction but it isn’t. Internet of Things is called the connection of all your devices, and it’s a must have for modern smart homes. Because there are so many systems, you should know which systems are compatible. But don’t worry, here are the 10 most compatible smart home devices for Android and iOS in 2018:

Echo Show

  • Echo Show

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The world’s favorite virtual assistant just got even better with the Echo Show. Now, Alexa does more than just tell you information, she can show it to you as well. Watch Amazon Video content, monitor security cameras, check the weather forecast radar and see video flash briefings. Take a look at your photos, check your shopping list, listen to your favorite Audible audiobooks and so much more.
Alexa gives you hands-free operation to call almost anyone. You can even video chat with family and friends who have an Echo Show, Echo Spot, or an Alexa App.

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Whether streaming your favorite playlists from iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, or TuneIn, you can take your music to the next level with the Echo Show. Sync your Echo devices to broadcast your playlists simultaneously throughout your Smart Home (not compatible with Bluetooth). The Echo Show features Dolby processing for extended bass response and clear, sharp vocals to fill your room with rich and powerful sound. Just ask Alexa to play any genre, artist or song for instant Wi-Fi streaming, or watch on-screen lyrics using your Amazon Music account. The Echo Show features noise cancellation, beam-forming technology, and eight microphones so Alexa can hear you from anywhere even when you’re playing music.
Compatible smart devices and aps such as Philips Hue, ecobee, WeMo and Sony allow you to control thermostats, turn on lights, and operate your Fire TV and Amazon Video, and so much more.
Alexa keeps evolving and adding features such as Allrecipes, Uber, CNN, and more for the best smart device experience yet.





Nest Outdoor Security Smart Camera

Nest Camera 1


NestCamOutdoor security cameras are a smart, elegant way to update your outdoor protection. Fully weatherproof, the NestCamOutdoor system offers versatility by featuring a magnetic mount to place it on your existing steel gutters to watch hard to monitor places in your yard, driveway, or anywhere else a mounted camera can’t reach. Nest Aware will alert you to any activity outside your home. It continuously save footage in the cloud for up to 30 days.

  • NestOutdoorCam1

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NestCamOutdoor is simple to install and blends effortlessly into any home’s exterior. NestCamOutdoor offers Sightline to allow you to effortlessly filter your saved footage of events previously recorded.





Maximus Video Light



Kuna Smart Security presents the Maximus Video Light for security you control, day or night. Kuna’s outdoor security system alerts you to activity at your door by sending alerts to your Android or iOS devices. It presents multiple options for addressing security concerns:

  • Two way intercom system
  • Prerecorded deterrent messages
  • 100+ decibel siren
  • HD live video feed
  • Kuna light system

  • MaximusVideoLight3

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Kuna has a vast selection of smart lights and home security cameras that you can manage from your smart phone, anywhere, any time. You can feel safe knowing that while you are away, Kuna will protect your home.
Kuna will keep your entire house secure from the front door to the backyard. Featuring advanced security alerts, recordings saved to the cloud and a live HD video feed, Kuna Smart Security will be there, even when you’re not.





Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control

Harmony Elite Remote Control


The Logitech Harmony Elite controls 15 smart devices to allow you complete control of your music, television, and other Smart Home devices with Alexa. The new design is the most intuitive and powerful Harmony yet, while still keeping all the features you love such as vibration feedback, motion-sensing, and color touchscreen. The Logitech Harmony Elite offers additional features such as dedicated home buttons, rechargeable battery with an increase of 20% capacity, improved button positioning, and voice integration.

  • HarmonyElite1

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Set-up requirements:

  • iOS:
    • iPad third generation and later
    • iPod touch fifth generation and later (featuring iOS 8.0 and higher)
    • iPad Mini 4S and later
    • Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Android:
    • Android 4.2 and later (Wi-Fi enabled)

The Logitech Harmony Elite can also run on your Wi-Fi and supports WPA2-AES, WPA Personal, 64/128-bit WEP, and 802.11 g/n encryption.





Etekcity 2 Pack Voltson Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini

Etekcity Smart Plug


Manage your home’s devices wherever you are with Etekcity Voltson Wi-Fi Electrical Outlet. With the Etekcity Voltson W-Fi Electrical Outlet, you can remotely control appliances and, or the VeSync app to connect your tablet or smartphone. You can use it at home or anywhere else you are to save yourself the hassle of wondering if you turned appliances on or off.

Etekcity can replace all of your old, awkward and outdated timers with one easy to use device. The intuitive VeSync app is versatile and free to download, allowing you to:

  • Streamline and monitor home security:
  • Set schedules to turn appliances or lighting off and on in advance
  • Turn lights on before you come home
  • Save money on your electric bill by monitoring an appliance or device’s power usage so you always know how much energy it uses, and allowing you to shut off devices remotely to save money and energy.

  • EtekcitySmartHome1

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The VeSync app is easy to synch to your Echo Dot, allowing you to control your devices with Alexa’s voice commands. Just a few easy steps and you’re connected with your Smart Home:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Search for VeSync and enable it under Skill
  3. Login to your personalized VeSync account
  4. Finish

Note: Your login password at VeSync is case sensitive. Inputting the wrong password will result in an error code advising you that the account is not on file.





Hunter Dempsey Smart Fan

Echo Show 1


The Hunter Dempsey fan is a modern twist on an old classic, designed to suit every room in your home. Featuring dimmable LED technology, the Hunter Dempsey fan gives you complete control of your lighting. This Dempsey fan features a small but powerful 44 inch fan blade width and low-profile housings that are perfect for low ceilings and smaller rooms. With so many fans to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fan for every room and maintain consistency throughout your house when you browse our full collection of Hunter Dempsey fans.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat


The NestLearning Thermostat uses smart learning technology to automatically adjust temperature settings to your individual Smart Home comfort levels.
Simply use the NestLearning Thermostat as a manual one for a couple of days so it learns your individual preferences. After learning it will automatically set itself to the desired temperatures throughout the day.

  • NestThermostat3

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Using the Nest Cellphone App, you can change the temperature remotely while you are away so that you can save energy or come home to a warm house. You will also receive phone alerts when something is wrong with your heating system, like a malfunctioning furnace or temps low enough that your indoor pipes are in danger of bursting.
Nest focuses on things that make your life simpler and more secure. The NestLearning Thermostat is just another way we keep your home smarter and safer and help you create a Smart Home to take care of everything you love.




BOND Smart Home Automation

Bond Smart System


If you want to modernize your home but can’t afford to update your old appliances, you can make them compatible with your smart devices with BondConnect. Connect your tablet, Google Home, Amazon Echo, tablet or phone to six remote control appliances using your existing Wi-Fi. You can connect quickly and easily with BondConnect to control fans and fan speeds, turn on your lights and more from your smart devices, with no replacement of your existing appliances needed.

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Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Speaker

Bose SoundTouch 10


Bose, the most trusted name in audio, presents the SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker. With the compact size and full, satisfying sound that Bose speakers are known for, the Bose SoundTouch10 is perfect for any sized room in your home or dorm. The Sound Touch 10 takes your music to the next level by streaming songs from any music provider or personal library using your Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi. This device is fully compatible with your Amazon Echo Dot or other Alexa device, providing you hands-free control of your music at the sound of your voice. The Bose Sound Touch 10 is easy to use; install the SoundTouch app on your device and synch it with your speaker using the intuitive remote, which features six programmable settings. Once connected, you can use your SoundTouch speaker to listen to podcasts, get the news, stream your favorite music, manage your Smart Home devices, and more.

  • SoundTouch103

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The SoundTouch 10 offers more versatility by allowing you to enjoy multiple audio applications in several rooms simultaneously by synching several speakers throughout your home. You can enjoy music in the kitchen, news in the bedroom, and your favorite podcasts in the living room, all at the same time. Two SoundTouch 10 speakers will allow full stereo surround simply by using the SoundTouch app.
Using the Bose SoundTouch 10 speaker system with your smart device is as simple as opening the Alexa app, searching for Bose in the skills menu, and following the easy steps.
Some common commands to use with Alexa and your SoundTouch10 speakers include:

  • Ask Bose to play in the bedroom
  • Let Bose search for a song or a artist
  • Tell Bose to start playing





EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus 1080p HD

EZVIZ 360 Camera


The EZVIZ Camera is the smart way to secure your home with motion detecting technology. EZVIZ Mini offers connectivity with the things you love.

  • Two way communication
  • EZVIZ Mini 360 Camera features a two way communication system to allow you to talk to loved ones while allowing them to talk to you. With its built-in microphone and speaker system, you can not only see activity in your home, you can hear it as well, anytime, anywhere.
  • Motion Detector
  • The Camera offers a panoramic motion detector that follows any activity as it moves around the area, even in large or wide rooms. The Mini 360 covers 360° to allow surveillance at every angle in any room while shooting in High Def 1080p.
  • Full HD
  • Full HD 1080p allows you to see more details of what is being tracked.

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  • Smart motion tracking
  • Smart motion tracking not only detects movement, but follows the movement to keep track of what it is doing. This feature allows the camera to pan right and left to keep the subject within the field of vision. To use this feature to its full advantage, place the camera at the far end of a room.
  • SD Card
  • 16GB SD card is included with the EZVIZ Mini 360
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wireless connectivity using Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • Night vision
  • The EZVIZ Mini 360 offers full night vision up to 33 feet to keep track of activity in a darkened room or at night
  • Multiple devices view
  • Ezviz Mini 360 allows view from multiple devices by downloading the EZVIZ app in Google Play or the App Store. It is also compatible with your tablet or smartphone. The app is supported by Android 4.0 and later as well as iOS7.0 and up.


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