Review Of Flyte Buckminister Original Lightbulb




Review Of Flyte – Buckminister – Original Lightbulb 




LED lights have done a great work with regard to energy efficiency, versatility and durability. In fact, they have solely replaced most traditional lights and are incorporated into virtually all modern lighting. They also add to your interior décor and appeal besides offering several hours of uniform lighting throughout their lifetime. However, manufacturers have found even more ways of making your LED light outstanding and amazing. Thanks to innovative breakthrough technologies that allow levitation, we now have a gravity defying LED light bulb that will not only provide the needed lighting for many years to come, but also depicts amazing traits that will spark your cat’s curiosity. Here is a look at the extraordinary FLYTE BUCKIMINISTER original magic levitating light bulb including its features, pros and cons.






What is FLYTE BUCKMINISTER Original Magic Light Bulb?

As the name already suggests, this is basically a light bulb lamp that is designed for indoor use only. However, FLYTE is not your ordinary light bulb. This device is a magic levitating bulb that uses induction and magnetic levitation to float in the air. It is powered through resonance induction via the air which makes things more interesting as you will find no direct connection between the base and the light bulb. Flyte is designed to work as efficiently as your best LED light bulbs only that it floats in the air and needs no cable connection as it is powered via induction.








Features and specs

FLYTE BUCKMINISTER Original comes with various features that make levitation possible. Some of the characteristic features you will find in this custom innovative light bulb include the following;


• Energy efficient LEDs

To ensure your FLYTE lasts longer and provides high quality lighting that evenly illuminates your spaces, energy efficient LEDs rated at 50,000 hours are used. At 12 hours per day, this gives you around 11 years of service which is simply incredible considering most alternatives only take a few years to burn out.



• Durable walnut base

The base that induces the bulb to light up is made of sustainably sourced walnut, oak and ash. The bulb cup is made of copper. There are no buttons to press as all you need to do is touch the base to turn your levitating bulb on or off. The design also features no batteries.



• Magnetic suspension rotation

The light bulb floats above its base via magnetic suspension. While hovering, it rotates slowly from one side to another adding to the mystery of this levitating lighting. Its lofty design is simply a futuristic take on the conventional Edison’s design and its elegance is comparable to none.


FLYTE BUCKMINISTER uses two main technologies; resonance magnetic coupling and magnetic levitation to provide an exceptional conversation piece you can have in your office or home.









Finding the benefits of outstanding innovative light bulbs like FLYTE should be no problem. Firstly, it eliminates cable attachments that get in the way of interior light placement and decoration. You can basically place your FLYTE anywhere you like without worrying about hanging cables. Secondly, this is a futuristic light bulb that will spark interesting conversations. The technology used is amazing and the design blends in harmony with any existing décor. What’s more, the LEDs guarantee 50,000 hours of even 60 lumen lighting which is more than what any other alternative can provide. If safely handled, you can enjoy your floating light for years. The view is breathtaking and most people will love it.

Moreover, it turned on/off using a light touch on the base so there is no associated risk of damaged or dysfunctional switches. Without switches and cables, you do not need any other connection accessory. You can also carry your FLYTE wherever you go and use it in your trips and vacations. This cannot be said of other light bulbs. It simply compliments existing lighting. Compared to all other existing light bulbs within the category, FLYTE is simply in a league of its own. It is one of the hallmarking innovations within the lighting industry and many floating light bulb lamps are expected to hit the market in due time. Those fond of meditation and silence concentration will find FLYTE adorable. Although this is not specified, the assumption is FLYTE does not suffer from a power surge so you do not have to worry about blown filaments.








Although FLYTE BUCKMINISTER Original magic floating light bulb has a lot to offer, it does have a few disadvantages, which is typical of 99% of all products. Even with all that amazing technology, users still felt it lacked automation (it is not automatic). You still need to position the bulb and balance it manually and this has not proven to be easy for some. At $349.00 it would have been perfect if you could just touch it on and it immediately floats. In fact, some customers have reported struggling to balance the bulb since it wobbles at first.

However, this is expected before the magnetic levitation picks up. A few seconds of holding the bulb directly above its base should be sufficient to have it balancing without support. Some users also felt the item is quite expensive compared to others. Nevertheless, this is not your ordinary Edison bulb that burn out within a year. It requires no cable and floats in the air. Concerns raised on damaged deliveries are often handled promptly by the customer service team. Shipping and packaging anomalies are part of every business and can be fixed without any additional expenses. The base is slightly delicate so you should safely keep it away from knocks and falls.








When LED lights came into the market, they were a revolution that saw conventional fluorescents and hydrogen-argon lamps fall out of favor with the public. If this trend continues, the introduction of floating bulbs will soon eliminate the need to have several covered wires/cables and connections that weaken our structures. All you will need is a FLYTE that can light up the whole space, float and circle around while at it. It is advisable to purchase from credible licensed distributors such as Amazon if you want original genuine quality from the manufacturer. FLYTE is definitely a breakthrough innovation in indoor lighting.

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Flyte Buckminister Original Lightbulb











  • Design
  • Game Changing Technology


  • Price
  • Not very effective
  • Fragile

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