Coravin 112011 Elite Pro Review


Review Of The Coravin 112011 Elite Pro

Preserving the original taste of your wine can be quite a challenge once the cork goes off especially since wine is affected by oxidation and other elements. You can only note this from experience; the last draw always has a dropped quality compared to the first more so if they are days apart. Wine lovers have been struggling with this challenge trying to find the best way to preserve the original taste and flavor of their wine. Until recently, there was no reliable way of ensuring natural aging after the cork is opened. However, the innovative Coravin 112011 Elite Pro came in and changed the market forever. Here is a brief review of the device including a description, features, benefits and cons:


What is the Coravin 112011 Elite Pro?

Coravin 112011 Elite Pro was designed to help wine lovers preserve and protect their wine throughout the many draws. Whether you want a sip or full glass, this device allows you to draw wine off the bottle without removing the cork, thus preventing oxidation. The innovative wine drawing mechanism is also very easy to understand. It basically a pistol-like devices that uses a thin needle inside which wine can flow from the bottle to your glass with a simple trigger.


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Coravin 112011 Elite Pro has various features integrated into the wine system to allow your wine to continue aging without oxidation and exposure. Some of them include the following;


  • Non-coring needle

This is a fast pouring needle that gives you quick access to the wine without damaging the cork. It pierces a thin hole through the cork and then builds slight pressure to draw wine from the bottle when titled. The hole should naturally seal back after drawing your wine.


  • Argon gas

Argon gas used in the wine making process and has also been used to preserve wine and prevent oxidation. The innovative device uses argon with a proprietary capsule cap.


  • Ergonomic handle and spout

To pour your wine, simply attach the device on your bottle as shown in the manual and press the needle through the cork. The next step is to press the trigger (to pressurize the bottle) and release it to allow flow. The angled pout makes wine pouring effortless.


  • Stable attachment

The device sturdily clamps on the bottle giving you a stable grip that can be used to hold and tilt the bottle. It can fit on a variety of bottles and sizes.
There are other minor advantages like versatility (can be used for other beverages with cork seals), cork protection (does not break or damage it), sleekness and durability among others.



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The benefits of Coravin 112011 Elite Pro are quite obvious and straightforward. This is an innovative wine system that allows you to take a sip or glass any time of the day without worrying about oxidation.
What’s cool is you do not have to pull out the cork to draw your wine. It simply is the best wine system available in the market ideal for any wine lover. It allows your bottle of wine to continue aging even after draws. The device comes in various colors and finishes to suite your style and complements any kitchen. The clamps fit several standard wine bottles and the system is very easy to use. There are other accessories available to help you safely pour your wine on the go; the device is light and portable. The device is also elegant and stylish.



There are no specific downsides to using Coravin 112011 Elite Pro as it delivers all its promises and has high quality features. Nevertheless, the needle still pierces a hole through the cork and while the effect of this may be subtle, it cannot be ignored. Only the best wine tasters can note the difference when wine is exposed to oxidation. The cork eventually seals, but only momentarily as you will need to pierce again for the next draw. It may also be considered slightly pricy at over $400.



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Coravin 112011 Elite Pro is an innovative addition to existing wine systems and every wine lover should buy one. It finally resolves century long challenge of keeping wine protected following the first draw. It has no significant damage on the cork and uses argon gas (a known wine preservative) to pressurize the bottle. This device is engineered to help you savor your wine in style and protect the remaining from losing its purity and quality.

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Coravin 112011 Elite Pro











  • Easy to use
  • Great Reopened Wine taste
  • Quality
  • Futuristic Design


  • Price
  • Argon Reload

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