AdCase Launch

AdCase Launch

The New Way of Smartphone Protection

As anyone that has ever dropped a phone can tell you, even the shortest falls can result in cracked screens and phones permanently stuck on the home screen. Cell phones, even the supposedly “indestructible” newer versions, all have weak points that are prone to damage when dropped from what seems to be the most inconsequential heights. It’s never predictable either.

Your phone may survive a drop off of a roof, only to be shattered to bits when dropped off a table. It depends entirely on how the phone lands. Repairing a broken screen or replacing the phone is unbelievably expensive, and many of us rely on our cell phones to remain connected to everything, everywhere, all the time. But what if there were a phone case that was truly indestructible?

Enter the AdCase

First developed as a device for a thesis project by German engineering student Philip Frenzel, the AdCase is sparking a huge amount of enthusiasm in the Kickstarter world. “Ad” stands for anti-dumping, and the case promises to eliminate shattered phones forever. It is the only phone case with built-in shock absorbers, saving you from the expense and inconvenience of accidental breakage when it is dropped. Frenzel’s innovative invention uses a sensor that detects when your phone is in “free-fall,” and automatically releases metal legs to catch the phone on impact. The AdCase is a slip-on cover that features metal spring stoppers that pop open when the phone is in a state of freefall. There are eight stoppers, called dampers, in total; one on the front and back of each corner of your phone, offering complete protection for the entire phone. The phone lands on these stoppers instead of falling flat, allowing it to bounce on the surface rather than landing square on it.

Once deployed, these dampers can be set back into place and used over and over again. An added benefit to these dampers is that they will protect your phone from being submerged in shallow water, perfect for the unexpected puddle adventure. To see it in action, check out the Kickstarter video here. In the past, Amazon had applied for a patent for something that seems to be quite similar. The Amazon phone case uses jets of air or airbags when the phone is dropped. Finally Amazon didn’t release their case till now. For the reason that you need to protect your smartphone right now, here are some smartphone protection offers from Amazon. Apple attempted to incorporate a spring-loaded system into the iPhone itself. Only Philip Frenzel’s version, however, has made it to the crowdfunding arena; above all it holds an award from the German Society for Mechatronics.

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More than Just Breakage Protection

AdCase facts

The AdCase functions as an ordinary phone case with the expected protection from dirt, dust and scratches. The phone’s functionality will remain the same; users can still access all keys and buttons with the AdCase in place. The AdCase also features an extra battery in the cover, which can be charged through your cables or wirelessly. This is similar to the iPhone battery case. The AdCase’s sensor system is powered through this battery. With all of its powers of protection, the AdCase measures in at a thickness of just under 5 millimeters.

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Nothing is Perfect… Yet

Philip Frenzel is designing the AdCase to fit only iPhones at this time, including versions 6, 6 plus, and newer. The case will not fit smaller iPhones like the SE version. Furthermore there are plans in place to market the AdCase for other device platforms in the future. The AdCase is probably not the most attractive choice of phone case, but it is still a prototype and users can most likely expect some upgrades in newer versions. It has more protection than its sleeker phone case cousins, but does add a little more bulk to your phone.

Some early critics are expressing concern that the legs can spring open when the phone is in your pocket. As a result of the “free fall sensors,” called accelerometers, false deploy seems to be very unlikely. The sensors need to be triggered at the speed of gravity before the springs release. The AdCase also features other built-in sensors that recognize when your phone is in your pocket or purse, protecting it from accidentally being deployed. Currently, the ability of the AdCase to protect the phone if it lands on uneven surfaces is almost unknown.

Possible Cost and Release Dates

This clever case is not available for retail just yet, but it is gaining a lot of attention in its Kickstarter phase. Philip Frenzel and his co-designer partner, Peter Mayer, are hoping to release the AdCase in December of 2018. So far, the planned price of the case will be just around $60 USD, or €50. The plan is to release the AdCase just in time for Christmas, safe and sound for a stocking filler even if Santa accidentally drops it from his sleigh.

The Verdict

The concept of the AdCase is a great one; shock absorbers that spring from the corners of the case to protect your expensive phone from impact when accidentally dropped. While the case may be a bit unwieldy, consumers should take into account the protection factor for their very expensive phones; a little more thickness may be worth the extra protection the AdCase promises.

The AdCase’s planned price tag is a little costlier than its sleeker, more attractive counterparts, but the trade-off of a well- protected phone may very well make it a valuable investment. While there are no real studies to assess how well the AdCase protects the phone against being dropped on jagged or uneven surfaces, it definitely seems to have the potential to protect against everyday falls that include the floor or sidewalk. Currently, the AdCase will be for newer Apple devices only, but the inventors are eager to start marketing to other phone platforms as well.

In total, the AdCase seems to be a fantastic invention that has the potential to keep your phone intact when dropped. If the AdCase works as promised, purchasing it will be a wise investment that could save phone owners from the expense of replacing and repairing a broken phone or cracked screen.

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