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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


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Hair dryers can help you quickly remove excess moisture from your hear in readiness for styling. These beauty tools are designed to pass heat over your hair and scalp thus removing freeing water molecules from your hair while straightening at the same time. There are several hair dryers in the market each coming with unique features although they achieve the same basic result. Other manufacturers, like Dyson, tend to incorporate additional convenience and efficiency features as well as safety mechanisms. Before buying any given hair dryer, it is important to go through the whole set of features and their benefits. A critical review of the downsides is also important just so you know exactly what you get from the given model. Here is a brief review of Dyson’s supersonic hair dryer including features, benefits and some concerns:



What is Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer?

As the name clearly suggests, this is basically a handheld hair dryer that is provided to help users dry their air more efficiently and effectively. It is a new design model that has the motor placed on the handle as opposed to the “head” section where most conventional dryers have their motors. The supersonic dryer can be used together with a straightening comb and essentially blows hot air through your hair to induce instant drying.



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Features and specs

Dyson supersonic hair dryer comes with various features that make hair drying fast, efficient and effortless. Some of the features integrated into its intuitive design include;


  • Temperature control microprocessor

This is perhaps the most innovative feature of the supersonic hair dryer. A small temperature control microprocessor monitor and controls heat by measuring the temperature 20 times per second. This ensures the heat is balanced and kept under control to avoid damages.


  • Heat and airflow settings

The hair dryer comes with 4 different heat settings and 3 airflow settings as well as a cold shot and ionizer. You can preset any of these settings depending on the dampness on your hair and what you want to achieve.


  • Magnetic attachments

There are various attachments that come with Dyson supersonic hair dryer including a smoothing nozzle, a diffuser, a styling concentrator and non-slip holding mat. A storage hanger is also included as well as a removable filter that notifies users when the dryer needs cleaning.


  • High performance Dryer motor

The hair dryer uses Dyson’s digital (V9) motor that spins at a rate of 10,000 RPM to provide sufficient heat for hair drying. The motor is powered through a professional length 9 feet power chord you can plug on your typical wall socket. The motor is located at the handle section of the dryer.


There are other minor features integrated to ensure high performance, comfort and safety. You only need a few minutes to completely dry your hair.



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The benefits

The benefits of Dyson supersonic hair dryer are quite straightforward considering its rich feature set. This is one of the few hair dryers that feature high-efficiency heat control systems. The microprocessor monitors heat 20 times every second to ensure there is no heat damage. One common challenge with dryers is that most models will dry away all the moisture, including the natural moisture that is required to keep your hair healthy. With a fully functional heat monitor, you can forget heat damages and burns. It also comes with various heat and airflow settings so you can control how much heat and air is blown to through your hair. This way, it is easy to dry and style your hair without burning it.


Another critical benefit of this dryer is reflected in the number of attachable accessories available. In addition to drying your hair, you can straighten and style it using these accessories that lock sturdily in place using magnetic attraction. The attachments feature heat shield technology that keeps them cool. . The motor also provides fast hair drying so it does not take you forever to get ready. With 10,000 RPM spin rate, this motor ensures you have abundant controllable high velocity airflow to work with. What’s more, the motor produces inaudible frequencies so you can stop worrying about the sickening noises produced by some models.



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The downsides

Although Dyson supersonic hair dryer has several benefits to users, it does come with a few concerns just like any other product in the market. Popular complaints from most users include bulkiness and immense airflow. The hair dryer has a thick wire and a bulky cord. Thats why the entire unit is quite heavy on one arm. This can present a challenge for users with lean arms that cannot withstand the weight for a long time. It becomes more of a problem when you attempt to style and straighten while drying. It has also been noted that the dryer provides immense airflow, which should be good. However, this ends up tangling your hair. Even with the least flow setting, you will still be exposed to a high volume flow.


Another lesser concern regards the magnetic attachments. With Dyson supersonic hair dryer, you may want to change your metal combs and brushes since they will be attracted to the magnet getting in your way each time you attempt to straighten or style. It is best to use wooden combs or other non-magnetic materials. Some buyers also noted that the product is too bulky to bring along to a trip.



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Based on customer reviews and experiences, weight seems to be the only genuine concern that tarnishes what is otherwise one of the best hair dryers in the market. The other issues can easily be resolved. If you are looking for a versatile hair dryer that depicts both safety and efficiency, then Dyson supersonic hair dryer is a practical solution. It is intuitively designed to provide safety and efficiency first above everything else and performs at the highest quality. Not many hair dryers can protect you from heat damage and none comes with magnetic attachments including a storage hanger. It is recommendable to purchase from credible licensed stores like Amazon that guarantee genuine quality products from the official manufacturer. This way, you can enjoy all the features and benefits mentioned above as well as quality guarantee provisions and warranty that protect you from defective products.

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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  • Quality
  • Design
  • Size
  • No heat damage


  • Price
  • Not wireless

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