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Best Gadgets of 2017

Best Gadgets of 2017 Spectacles by Snap. Inc. Spectacles are the most exciting way to make memories and then revive them later! In short, Specs are sunglasses that Snap! They allow you to capture life’s moments from your perception. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, these make it easy for you to capture moments without stopping what you’re doing. Spectacles capture and store Snaps in a unique circular video format that recorded in the field of vision, just like the human eye. Within Snapchat in your smartphone, you can play Snaps in full screen, in any orientation – just rotate your phone! You can also download Spectacles videos to your phone’s gallery. It’s a great device to capture the great […]

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16 Best Gift Ideas for perfect Christmas

Best Gift Ideas for perfect Christmas Top 16 list – Gift Guide for Christmas 2017! It’s here again! Christmas is getting closer, but you have no idea what to buy! You’re not alone. To prevent you from being left empty-handed on Christmas Eve, we have put together beautiful, funny and unusual Christmas gifts for you. After his research, our RealFreakyPedia Tigerbird has created a list of Top 16 Christmas Gifts 2017 for you. Whether it’s your grandma, uncle, niece or your best friend – here you will find a nice Christmas present for everyone. Let’s take a look what Tigerbird discovered: 1. kSafe The Kitchen Safe is a lockable timer box designed to help you fight bad habits. USA Today […]

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